The Boastful Bird by Kay

The Boastful Bird
By Kay Y.
There was a bird named Madeline who always got an A+ on everything, and she would always brag about it. All of the other birds disliked her because she would rub it in their face every time a score came back.

One day they were given a test that was designed to be hard for the students. It was said that the people who do best on the test aren’t always the ones who get the highest scores on everything. All of the birds study very hard for the test, except for Madeline, who didn’t study at all, because she thought there was no way she wouldn’t do well on the test. All of the questions were very hard, but because the other birds had studied they all knew how to solve the questions.

Madeline had no clue how to do any of the problems, and knew that she did poorly. When the scores came back all of the birds got 100% except for Madeline. They noticed that she wasn’t bragging like usual, and asked her what she got. She got a very low grade, and was very sad about it. Because she always bragged and none of the other birds liked her, nobody tried to comfort her. She realized that she needs to study, and not to brag about he grades because she won’t always get an 100.

The moral is: Don’t be self centered, it never ends well.

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  1. Thanks Jinger! I also think she learned a hard lesson, but it’s a lesson that is important for her to learn too.

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