My Own Wisdom Tale by Bella K.

The P’s and the U’s

There was once a worm village called Bieberville. In that village was a great school called Bieber Academy. Everything in that school was magnificent except for two problems. Popularity and the fever.

The P’s stood for pretty and popular. The U’s stood for ugly and unpopular. Tara, Lindsey, and Chelsea were the P’s. Gelato and her friend, Pudd, were the U’s. Tara was the queen of all, and her target was always Gelato, with Lindsey and Chelsea following everything she did. One day, Gelato brought Italian gelatos as dessert for her hot lunch. Tara, of course, had to do something. She “accidently” tripped over Gelato’s chair leg and dumped her whole ice cream over her head. So, Chelsea and Lindsey followed and did the same to Pudd. These acts continued on the next couple days. Gelato couldn’t stand Tara. She stood up for herself even though she was quite scared. Tara thought Gelato couldn’t stand up against her. Surprised by her braveness, she realized how cruel she was being to Gelato and stopped.

One problem solved, but that wasn’t all. Remember? The fever. This sickness went on the whole school year. The really weird thing was that only girls had it, and it was only at Bieberville. Boys got nowhere near as sick. The average fever degree kept adding on for girls that they couldn’t stay still. They went crazy. The girls weren’t in pain though. That was the weirdest of all. Every girl at Bieberville was extremely happy. VERY HAPPY. From then on the Fever is still carried around everywhere today. Known as the BIEBERFEVER. I’ve got one, what about you?

Moral: Never judge someone by popularity. Don’t underestimate ANYONE. Be nice.


**Note:The bieberfever was just a little fun short story added on to my wisdom tale about popularity. Hope you liked it!

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4 thoughts on “My Own Wisdom Tale by Bella K.

  1. Hehe. Thanks Grace! And Lana, thanks for coming up with the idea Bieberville. That helped a lot for the story to lead to the BIEBERFEVER and make sense…. Ahhhhh! I just love him so much!😂😍👱

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