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I have always been into shark attack stories! I have seen so many movies and television shows about shark attacks but I have never read a book about it. I finally found one! The book is called Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham. The main reason why I liked it is because it wasn’t just like a movie where you could see everything happening. It was so easy to imagine what was going on!

The story is about a teenage girl who was swimming in the ocean and was attacked by a shark. The result was that she had to get her arm amputated. The author describes her long period of time in the hospital very well. There were many ups and downs while she was in the hospital. She had tough and stressful times and on the other end many people came and gave her company. In my opinion, this book was very good. I think this because I’m into shark attacks and I love reading stories that have to do with people around my age going through something I would never expect my self going through.

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