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The book I am reading right now is called Down The Rabbit Hole. It was one of the books in a book talk a while ago I was interested in it and checked it out. I am really enjoying this book because something happens at the beginning that doesn’t get solved until the end. The main character, Ingrid, is thirteen years old, lives in Echo Falls and plays soccer. One day, she decides to walk to soccer practice because her parents didn’t come in time to pick her up. She gets lost on the way and a woman that is known to be crazy lets her inside her house. The woman lets her call a cab to come pick her up and when she leaves she doesn’t notice she forgot her cleats. Then, the next day, the woman is found dead in her house. Soon Ingrid realizes her cleats could make her a suspect for murder, but she doesn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, her choice was actually a bad idea.

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