My Lady or Tiger Ending by Will P

“Well, we haven’t got all day here!” The kings voice boomed. Knowing that the princess had told him to go to the right, the young man decided to trust her. Heart thumping, stomach churning, he slowly walked toward the doors.

“Wait, what if the princess is trying to trick me? She is partly barbaric on that matter.” The young man thought. He turned toward the princess for one last look at her, sweat now pouring down his face. He turned back toward the doors, the king’s nasty remarks now only background noise. The young man confidently walked towards the door on the left, knowing that the tiger was inside of it. The young man could not bear the thought of the princess having to see him marry another lady. He decided to sacrifice himself. He reached out his arm and felt the ice cold door knob. He heard the princess yelling to tell him to open the other door but he refused. He paused for one last moment of life. He wanted to take it all in. The young man saw a huge room with marble pillars and fancy mosaics on the walls, smelled food being cooked in the kitchen for the kings supper, heard the princess trying to tell him to open the other door, and the king yelling at him to hurry up. With that, the young man opened the door on the left, bracing himself for the tiger.

Behind the door stood the most beautiful lady he had ever seen. The formidable young man’s jaw dropped. He stood looking at her for a long while. They were about to get married when the princess ran downstairs next to him. The princess yelled at the young man, opened the door on the right and was immediately devoured by an immense tiger. There was a flash of orange light and some shrieks. When the misery cleared the princess was gone.

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