The Mark of Athena by Nathan

Photo by Nathan

Okay so first this is a great book!!! If you need a book to read I would read the series, “The Heroes of Olympus”, which this book is in. Now to tell you about the book. Percy is back for those Percy Jackson fans, along with six other demigods in this book!

There is something new in this book, Romans! Three of the demigods are Roman: Frank, Hazel, and Jason. Then there are the Greek’s: Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Piper. These seven have gained each other’s trust earlier in the series doing quests that have saved both the Roman and Greek camps. Gaea is awakening and if she does the world will end. The ultimate test for the seven is stopping her. This includes battling many monsters, sailing on the mare nostrum (Mediterranean sea) which is banned to sail on because of all the sea monsters, and making it to Rome in one piece. Could it be any easier? Joking! Will they save the world or die along with everyone else? This is another great book by Rick Roidan!

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