If I Were A Grown Up… by Jenny








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If I were a grown up, I would go on a lovely vacation to the Bahamas with my husband, Justin Bieber. I would also become famous; we would travel around the world and make a lot of money. Well Justin already has a lot of money, so we would share the money we made. Justin and I would drive around in a limo, go to fancy restaurants and go to the beach and relax! I wouldn’t have any limits or bed times or rules because I would be the grown up. Justin and I would each have our own Escalade and the limo driven by Justin’s security guard “Kenny”. Kenny  would protect us while we are the the AMA’s, Grammys, The People’s Choice Award, and a whole bunch more awards. My husband and I would wake up every morning, go to the gym, then out for lunch, and just have a great day! Too bad I’m not a grown up…😒

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