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Created by Michiko

If I were a grown up for a few days I would get in my new car and drive to the mall to meet my friends. We would shop at all of our favorite stores but then I would have to leave. I would get home and feed my dog and then start to pack. I would pack all of the things I bought earlier and then I would start packing my dogs things. Finally, I put my dog in the car as well as my luggage. I would drive to the airport and put my dog on a flight for dogs to Hawaii. I would get through security and then I would start getting things for the flight. I would get on the plane and after a while the plane landed. I would go get my dog and check into my hotel. Then we would go to the beach. My dog would run around through the water. I would spend one more day there before I had to fly back. When I got home I would go to sleep and think about my time being an adult because when I would wake up again I would be a kid.

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  1. You love Hawaii so much yet you have never been there!!! I had a feeling that you were going to write about Hawaii for this blog post!

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