If I Were A Grown Up For A Day by Kay Y.


I roll out of bed and feel the moist dense air around me while I listen to the crashing of the waves against the rocks. As I look at my reflection in the mirror I comb my frizzy hair. This is my life in Hawaii. I wake up to the sound of waves and get ready to go to work. I live on the big island and work as a marine biologist who specializes in dolphins. Every day I go out on the water and study the bottle nose dolphins, and I train them. I live and work on the beach, but after work I still like to hang out with some of my friends. Because it’s winter, the beaches aren’t crowed, but the weather is still great so often we hang out on the beach. My favorite thing to do with the dolphins is help out with the baby dolphins, and I would do all of this almost every day. This is what I would do if I were a grown up for a day.

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6 thoughts on “If I Were A Grown Up For A Day by Kay Y.

  1. Yeah! I love dolphins! 🐬 They are so cute! I also love Hawaii have you ever been there?

  2. Yes, I have been to Hawaii. I went last winter break, it was for my sisters bat mitzvah and a conference. During that stay for the second time I got to swim with dolphins! I was really excited, and that time I spent a whole day with the dolphins! 🐬 My favorite part of the whole day was when I got to swim with the three month old dolphin, and his mom and dad!

  3. Wow! So awesome, your so lucky! I got to swim with dolphins once with cousins it was a ton of fun!

  4. It was a lot of fun! But I’m looking forward to this winter break! This spring I’m getting my certification for scuba diving so I can scuba dive in Puerto Rico this winter, and Mongolia this summer! (The whole reason were going to Mongolia is to scuba dive!) I think it will be fun, but it will be hard to beat swimming with a three month old dolphin!

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