Grown Ups by Franny







Photo by Franny

If I were a grown up, I would start a fun job like teaching and then I would get a nice cozy house in a nice cozy neighborhood where there are a lot of kids and everyone knows everyone. I wouldn’t have much money but I would get enough to live a comfortable and healthy life. I would have a cute little car and my house would have a nice garden outside. As soon as I got enough money, I would get a dog who would be my constant companion and would go everywhere with me. Maybe later, I would get another dog. We would walk to the park every day and throw the frisbee or tennis ball. The garden would be on eather side of a nice path to the door and in front, I would have a big fenced in yard. I would live somewhere pretty with lots of forests and fields. Maybe it will be near the beach. I would have many friends that were in my neighborhood and we would always go to each others houses. I may have a family later. I think being a grown up for a while would be cool and fun!

3 thoughts on “Grown Ups by Franny

  1. I think it’s sounds like a great life! When I grow up I want a dog too! Do have a specific type of dog that you want when you grow up?

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