If I Were a Grown Up by Anna W.

Photo created by Anna W.

I would love to experience a day of being a grown up but I would definitely want to live my childhood as long as I can. If I was a grown up I would do many things I can’t do now. I would love not having a bed time because I am never tired when I go to bed, but when I wake up I am tired. Another thing I would enjoy would be not having to go to school every day. Although I love school, sometimes I just wake up and don’t want to go at all. Then I would go on vacation as much as I could.

I love going to tropical places like beaches and islands! Also, I want to go to Paris. I think it would be really exciting to drive because I love shopping and I would be able to go wherever I want whenever I want. One thing that would be cool would to live in some place very beautiful and exotic like in the mountains or Hawaii. Another thing I would do would be to collect and wear makeup a lot. Lastly, I would own a variety of pets such as dogs, bunnies, hamsters, and many more. I have always wanted a parrot that would repeat what you say! So hopefully I could own one of those. It would be a fun experience being an adult but I would not want to stay an adult forever!

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4 thoughts on “If I Were a Grown Up by Anna W.

  1. Pretty picture! And when I went to France, I got a AMAZING French artist(yes, he was wearing a flat hat with the pointy thing on top) to draw me, and it was also AMAZING. So DEFINITELY get your self drawn!

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