If I Were A Grown Up by Bella K.

If I were a grown up, it’d be like I’m free. I’d be saving all my money for entertainment and fun! Wait, not ALL, but while controlling my income. First, I’m going to get myself a husband, a nice house, and a good sucessful job. Now, it’s time for fun. Get clothes, shoes, get anything I want and have as many ice cream as possible because no one can boss me around when I’m an adult, right? Wish that could come true, but let’s think of reality. No, unless I were like a billionaire, I can’t spend my money like that on whatever I want whenever and wherever I want. That doesn’t mean I’m never going to use my money on those things, because well, people want stuff that they want! What I mean is doing it wastefully every day. So, how do you think you’ll spend your life if you were an adult?

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