If I Were A Grown-Up by Sheridan

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If I woke up one day and realized I was a grown-up, I would like to have a pet, a small bunny who could roam my house freely. If I had enough money, I would buy a nice, new and fashionable sports car to drive to and from my work building. I would like to be a banker and I would like to have two children. I would buy a big, nice house for my family to live in and I would like to have a huge television in the main room for me to watch sports. I would travel to a distant place in first class on an airplane. I would go to watch a live NBA basketball game. Then, I would go to play a national badminton tournament. Also, I would want to go to Spain and France and get a private tour of the tourist attractions there. Finally, I would finish my trip by going back home to rest and lie back in my comfy bed, after a perfect day being a grown-up.

3 thoughts on “If I Were A Grown-Up by Sheridan

  1. I used to have bunnies but they were in a big cage. That would be awesome if they could roam freely around your house. What sports car do you think you would get if you were an adult for a day?

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