If I Were A Grown Up by Will P






“VROOM, VROOM!” My Lambourghini accelerates down the road.

If I were a grown up I would drive all throughout the country for the pure enjoyment of driving. I drive over different types of terrain with my new car. I drive through deserts, mountains, and even on the beach. I speed down deserted roads at 100mph. I drive through famous cities in the US and maybe stop at some famous landmarks. I drive on bridges and in tunnels underneath mountains.

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6 thoughts on “If I Were A Grown Up by Will P

  1. It’s cool how you used sound effects for your car! I would have never thought up something like that.

  2. It sounds like you like to go really fast! Any specific landmarks you would stop at? Also your creativity with the VROOM VROOM was very good.

  3. What do you think your favorite landmark in the U.S. would be. Also great post I would have never thought of just driving through the country.

  4. This may seem a strange question but which lamborghini would you be driving specifically?

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