If I Were A Grown Up For A Day I Would By: Sam

Photo taken from flickrstorm.

First I would go to Bojangles’ and get breakfast. Then I would bring some breakfast back for my family. Then all of us would go to King’s Dominion and ride roller coasters and water slides. On our way to Kings Dominion I would tell my kids the ultra dare.

I told them on my first roller coaster here I was the loudest screamer on the Dominator. But then one of my friends dared me not to scream on any more of the rides and I did. The second roller coaster I went on those many years ago. It is called the Shock Wave that was the first part of the challenge it was a stand-up roller coaster.

Other memories being favorites are the Volcano, water rides, and the epic Intimidator. We would all have chunk food and give the kids all the candy they could eat and the rest we would all take home. Then we would het some souvenirs that would read maybe something like this:”I rode the Intimidator”. We would have a blast!

Afterwards I would go home watch a movie on demand and eat popcorn then a quick shower and brushing of the teeth before going to bed.

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