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Whenever I look at this photo that I took on the south beach of Bald Head Island I am in my own world. It calms me in seconds even when I am amped up! I can feel the cool ocean breeze and the sound of waves smacking against the shore in a rhythm. I remember this exact moment when I took this and I thought, “This is MY picture!” It explains my life. The grass swaying in the wind are my friends and family rooted to me but will sway to the world. The waves crashing in the background are the rough times but eventually will be smooth and calm. The sand is what the rough times make stronger and is what the grass is anchored to. The sand is me. Many things that make a whole. Please comment what happens to you when you look at it or what you see in this photo!

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10 thoughts on “This Picture By Nathan G.

  1. That is a really cool picture Nathan! That is a really interesting metaphor. I agree that it makes you feel calm. Do you go to Bald Head every Summer?

  2. Great writing skills Nathan! Your photo can show lots of thing but for me at Bald Head Island I would use your picture to say this: the dunes are my home and that is why no one will step on them. The creatures throughout the sand and ocean or my family and friends and mine and their dreams. The sky is the limit and go with the flow the grass is the wind pushing you away from your goals. But the sky gives you the push back to your goals. Nathan, I think that your creative writing is excellent! Just one more thing try another photo with a description!

  3. Thanks Sam and wow your way of thinking of it is really good! I would have never thought about it that way! That just proves how different we comprehend this photo. Bella, I am the exact same way and I did fall asleep right where I took that pic!

  4. Ya will pretty much!! I love it there and that’s where my parents were married! I went there sometimes once or twice a month when I was really little cause we had a sail boat down there!

  5. I go to Bald Head every year and that picture is something that brings back memories of my family and others swimming in the beach and playing on the beach.

  6. When do you go to Bald Head? That picture does make me think of family and friends and people that are dead but still in your heart.

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