Talk To Your Teen By: Lucy W.

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Here are some suggestions for the book Cosmic for teens and their parents. Hope you enjoy!

Don’t give your child too many limits or they will not enjoy themselves. One example is not letting them watch TV for more than thirty minutes.

You do need your child to do some chores to show them responsibility and give them some allowance for what they did.

Don’t let your teen talk you into something that’s wrong, like letting them stay two hours past their curfew. If you do not know where your teen is going, you need to find out because they could be going somewhere dangerous.If your teen is a girl, she usually wants to go shopping. Do not let her buy all the clothes because your teen needs to learn to pay on her own.

A TV in your room varies from parent to parent, but if you do let your teen have a TV in her room, make sure she has limited with it and doesn’t take advantage of what she/he has.

Finally, do not let your teen eat too much junk food. They could become overweight and irresponsible with food.

These are some tips for your teens.

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