Talk To Your Teen by Will P

In Cosmic, a book by Frank Cotrell Boyce, Liam pretends to be Florida’s dad on a trip although they are both only kids. Liam gets away with it because he is tall and “stubbly.” Liam brings Talk To Your Teen, which is a book that he uses to help him pretend to be a better dad.

I think that it is important to talk to your teen about things that they enjoy. Examples of this are sports, video games, reading, etc. It is also important to do things with your teen. For example, playing sports with them, playing video games with them, watching sports with them, etc.

I wrote about doing fun activities and talking about enjoyable things with your teen because this is what my parents do. They play sports with me and watch sports with me. My dad even plays sports video games with my brother and me.

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