Talk Your Teen By Alex P.

In class, we are reading a book called Cosmic. The protagonist, Liam, was reading a book called Talk to Your Teen. If I had written the book, I would have included homework.

Most students are responsible about completing assignments. One issue is that students procrastinate or don’t do the assignment at all. Another problem some students have is that they work slowly or have time management problems. To improve the former, I would prohibit any non-academic activities until all the assignments are finished. If there were any tests or due project coming up, I would have the child study or work on the project. It might also help to make sure all homework is written down.

If your teen has time management problems or work slowly, I would have them use a timer. Hopefully, your teen would choose a reasonable time to complete assignments. In addition, it would be helpful to have your child to do homework in a certain sequence, such as hardest to easiest, easiest to hardest, study first, etc. Another tip would be to do something that will help your child focus before doing homework. For example, some children do exercise to clear their mind. Others read or listen to music.

Thank you for reading and I hope your teen homework problems improve!

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2 thoughts on “Talk Your Teen By Alex P.

  1. This is actually good advice and I can actually relate to it because I always have fun and go on Instagram before I do homework and sometimes I spend too much time doing my own thing. So thanks for the advice and I love your drawing. You are a great artist!!!!!

  2. I agree with Anna, and I think that parents sometimes are too relaxed on homework and don’t understand the importance of it. I hope parents agree with you.

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