Talk To Your Teen by Batu

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We are reading Cosmic and Liam is referring to a book called Talk To Your Teen. Here is something that I would add to the book. If your teen or pre-teen (10-12) wants a computer then think about what you do first. If you are always on the computer and reading the newspaper or waiting for pointless emails all the time then definitely get your teen or pre-teen a computer. The computer doesn’t have to be a very expensive computer, but should have a good graphics card and a good Random Access Memory or RAM. If your teen or pre-teen asks for a computer and you rarely use the computer then you should not get them a computer.

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4 thoughts on “Talk To Your Teen by Batu

  1. Great advice! I actually want my own laptop too, but with the iPad, I don’t really need one anymore. I like how you made your point, but I also think you used the word ‘computer’ too much…

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