The Lady Or The Tiger by: Kay Y.

Lady Or The Tiger?By Kay

In class we read a story called The Lady or The Tiger? We were supposed to finish the story how we thought it should end, here is my ending.

The night before he was put into the arena, the princessfought with herself about which fate was better. Shetossed and turned, one fate with the tiger, dying on thespot. But what seemed much worse to that
semi­barbaric princess was seeing the joy on his facewhen the maiden stepped out of the door. That beautifulmaiden, she hated more than anything in the world, shecould not stand the thought of the delight on both of theirfaces as they were instantly married. Knowing that shewould be asked would it be better to be responsible forhis death? After all the semi­barbaric princess is thereason that he’s in the arena in the first place. She tossedand turned all night until finally she made up her mind,and with that she fell asleep. The lover of the princessdidn’t know what the doors held, and which ever had themaiden he hadn’t the slightest idea what maiden wasbehind the door. The day that the lover of the princesswas to be tried everyone gathered in the arena to see thefate of the lover of the princess.

Most importantly that semi­barbaric princess sat to theright of the king. But when the lover of the princess askedher which door, she casually motioned to the right withher hand, expressionlessly knowing what the future held.She sat there expressionlessly as she watched the manwho she had once loved.


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