Hero Project by Dylan J.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

Over the winter and the beginning of spring we worked on our hero projects, which was about someone in our lives we chose to write three short stories about and describe them with three characteristics. I did my oldest brother Kiran. My three words to describe him were inspiring, caring, and patience. For the art part of the project, we folded many folds on a paper and made it into a pop up collage book. Then we would print out our stories and put them on the books. At the end, our books were put up in the FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill.

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2 thoughts on “Hero Project by Dylan J.

  1. Nice! I read your hero book, it was very great and awesome! Tell your brother I said hi!😄

  2. @Dylan It took so much strength and patience to wait until the reception at the gallery to share your book with your brother. I think keeping it a surprise made it extra special. I’m glad I got to see that moment!

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