Lady Or The Tiger by Shaylen A.

My heart pounded with nervousness. I knew I did wrong. It was time for the trial. The King released me from the prison and into the amphitheater. There was a door with a beautiful princess behind it and a door with a fierce tiger! I had no idea which door to choose. If I chose the tiger I would be guilty and eaten to death. If I chose the princess I would have a wonderful wedding and be free. I could smell the tiger but I DIDN’T know which door to go through because the scent was not picking up.

I gallantly walked to the door on my right hoping it was the princess. BEHOLD! IT WAS THE TIGER! I could see the tiger in the dark. All I saw was orange and black. Suddenly, I heard this big roar! I tried running for my life, but I could not find a way out. The king caught me. Before I entered with the tiger I thought about if I chose the left door how my life would change by having to be free, and having a wonderful royal wife. Suddenly, I was dragged in the cage. I couldn’t distract the tiger because the cage was locked very tight. I’m dead.


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