Lady Or Tiger Frederick C

My body was shaking vigorously, my hands and feet were sweating from fear. Will I die, or will I live with a stranger? I don’t know if I should trust the queen that signaled right to me. I looked at the audience, hoping for either a really bloody death, or a really funny marriage. Should I trust the queen? Or should I just make my own decision?

Then, I decided to choose the right door. Why would the princess want me to die? She loved me with all her heart, so why would she get rid of me? I saw it in her eyes, glaring at me with obvious fear. I could tell that she cared by looking at my eyes. But on the other side, I saw the king, wanting me to die from pain and torture from a hungry tiger. “Right,” I whispered with fear.

The doors were so colossal that three powerful guards had to pull with all their might. I wanted to look one more time around the castle, just in case I will meet the tiger with my “hilarious” death. The room smelled like fried chicken, with many elaborate decorations. When they opened the door, I saw nothing but a tremendously long, fat, creature. Finally, when it stepped out, out came a fat tiger challenging me to a duel. It ran up to me, but before I fell to my death, I ran up to the princess, gave her a smooch on the forehead, and died.

Even to this day in my reincarnation, I wonder why she killed me.

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One thought on “Lady Or Tiger Frederick C

  1. I like the fat tiger and the suspense, but I have one question. Why would the lover fall to his death?

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