The Lady Or The Tiger by Julia

We read a short story in class called The Lady or the Tiger. This story did not have an ending so we got to make one up. Here is the ending that I wrote:

The Lady and the Tiger

By Julia

Eyes closing, heart pounding, the princess prepared herself to seeher lover, James, be ripped apart by the tiger as he confidentlypulled open the door on the right. The barbaric side of her decidedthat he would go to the tiger because she knew that she could notstand him being with another lady, and she knew that this is the fatehe would want. She closed her eyes tightly, as to refrain from seeingthe horror that was soon to happen, but she heard no roars, noscreams. All she heard was people cheering, bells ringing. But itcould not be, she had been informed where the lady was, and shewas on the left. But something must have happened, somethinggone wrong. She opened her eyes, and saw her lover giving her aquestioning glance, but instead of looking into his eyes, she fled thearena.

She ran back to the castle and stopped only to put a note in a loosestone where she and James had often left each other notes. Hernote had ink blots everywhere and her handwriting was rushed, butstill legible.

Follow me. You know where I am. Where the daffodils grow.

And with that, the princess ran. She ran from her father, fromJames’s new wife, and from her busy life. She just wanted to befree and do whatever she pleased. She ran and ran until shefound the place she and James had met; an old white gazebo,with daffodils covering the ground and climbing roses coveringmost of the peeling paint.

A week later, as the princess was tending to a small garden, sheheard someone approaching on horseback and turned her face tothe side so as not to be seen.

But she would know that voice anywhere.

“James!” What are you doing here?” exclaimed the princess.

“After I found your note, I decided that you had the right ideaand I decided to follow you so we can be together forever.” Jamesexplained.

“Oh James, I missed you so greatly. Now we can just travel theworld, and do whatever our hearts desire,” declared the princess

The lady or the tiger? Or neither?

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