The Lady or The Tiger By Nathan G.

Right then, I was in the most precarious position of my life; one decision deciding my fate. One of two things could happen. I could start over with a new wife and live, or be painfully killed. Few have made the choice before and most have died. “That is odd that most of the people choose the door with the bad fate,” I thought. “Something is not right.” Right then and there a light bulb went off in my head. A plan so simple I wonder why no one has used it before!

The crowd held their breath as he went to the door on the right and tried opening it. He acted as though the door wouldn’t budge as part of the plan. He yelled to the king, “Your majesty, the door is not open yet due to my arms broken by your guards when they tugged on the manacles bound to my wrists. I need assistance from a guard of yours. You may armor this guard as much as you would like, and he can hide behind the door as he opens it.”

The king pondered for a bit before agreeing and sent a guard with three times the armor of a normal one. This guard I could tell would do for the plan for he was big and slow, probably dimwitted as well, as most guards were. He was at the center of attention of thousands, all waiting for the next moments to happen. There it was, the split second he had for it to work.

He surprised the guard by taking his sword and stabbing him right through the heart. He then opened the door on the right and in a fury the tiger sprang out. The bright orange and black beast sat deciding on which person he should eat. The tiger, sparing his energy, pounced on the dead guard.

With that, another window of opportunity opened, and he dashed down the passage behind the tiger’s door. With a goal of freedom, he killed every guard that crossed his way ending with dozens dead for he was the best swordsman in the nation. He finally broke out of the stadium and dashed for the border which happened to be only a mile away. He passed through and was a free man with a new life in a new place.

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