The lady Or The Tiger by Shaffer



The Lady Or The Tiger?


Standing between the two doors, not knowing which one was death or happiness, I look behind and see the princess. I cannot tell if she is mad or if she is happy. But suddenly, she waves her hand to the right.

I think, ok if she still loves me she will know that the maiden is on the right side and I won’t get hurt. But if she doesn’t love me at all, she will want me to die immediately. So without any hesitation, I moved to the left door thinking she hates me. I opened the door and out came a big, mean ferocious tiger, eating me with a smile on its face. I try to open his mouth to free myself, but the tiger was too strong.

I could feel my body just being torn apart and I was dying right there. While I was being eaten, I could hear the cry of the princess. She was very sad that I didn’t trust her and go to the right door. But now I know that she still loved me. Even though I was going to be with someone else, she did not care. All she cared about was me being alive and knowing I was happy.

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