Hero Books by Anna W.

For a couple weeks our 6th grade Language Arts class worked on hero books. Each student picked a hero then wrote a story about him or her. The writing was definitely the hardest part because there was a lot of planning, organizing, and brainstorming. In my opinion the art was the best part. I looked forward to working on my hero book each day.

Peg Gignoux is an artist who did our hero books with us. She taught us how to do many new things like stamping designs. I loved picking the colors and designs I wanted to use because it was almost like shopping.

We each got to pick a scene that our hero book would show. My scene was a farm with my mother and me riding horses. It was very colorful and creative. There is a part that pops out on the books, and it is supposed to be from where the viewer is looking. My pop out was a wooden fence. Later we glued our covers and writing on. The books were pressed under wooden boards to flatten them. Finally, they were taken to the Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

There was a reception at the Frank Gallery where all of the families could come and see the books. I came with my hero, which is my mom. She absolutely loved it! I had a good time looking at all of my friend’s books too!

I am proud of how my hero’s book turned out! I feel like I learned a lot from this experience! I hope we do another project like this!

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8 thoughts on “Hero Books by Anna W.

  1. Your book is so cool! I read your book and I really like your story! Great post!

  2. @anna I enjoyed watching your scene come to life each day. There are so many details and yet it all comes together as a whole scene that tells your story even without words. Of course your story touches my heart too. You have an amazing mom. I’m glad I got to see you share your book with her at the gallery. Keep creating!!

  3. Oh my goodness! You hero book is outstanding, I really can understand your theme and I like the setting.

  4. You scene was really good! At the Frank Gallery I saw your book and it looked great!

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