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  1. 19julia at |

    Your book is so cool! I read your book and I really like your story! Great post!

  2. 19alex at |

    Your book was BEAUTIFUL! You are super artistic

  3. pdonnelly at |

    @anna I enjoyed watching your scene come to life each day. There are so many details and yet it all comes together as a whole scene that tells your story even without words. Of course your story touches my heart too. You have an amazing mom. I’m glad I got to see you share your book with her at the gallery. Keep creating!!

  4. Anna at |

    Thank you! I had so much fun working on the book each day!

  5. 19jennyd at |

    Oh my goodness! You hero book is outstanding, I really can understand your theme and I like the setting.

  6. 19lucyw at |

    You scene was really good! At the Frank Gallery I saw your book and it looked great!

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