Hero Books by Noah

Photo taken by Mrs. Donnelly

My L.A. class just finished making and writing our hero books this month. We started by just writing out ideas on our hero’s character traits. Then we expanded our character traits into real stories that showed our hero displaying the trait that we picked. Then we created a background paragraph about our hero. This paragraph included some information like: where our hero was born, when our hero was born, our hero’s family, our hero’s childhood and other things like that. After writing the hero books, my school had a professional artist come in to help us make the hero books. To make the books we first folded a big piece of paper, then cut out painted pieces of paper to illustrate a scene where our hero was. When all of our books were finished, they were displayed in the Frank Gallery on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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3 thoughts on “Hero Books by Noah

  1. What was the hardest stage of the hero book process for you? You worked very hard in the art room.

  2. Great post, I still remember your hero story about your dad as well as the illustration of your special scene!

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