Hero Project by Alex P.

Photo by Patti Donnelly- Art by me

For this project, I enjoyed how we used the visual arts to support our hero stories. First, we folded a large peice of paper so that we could create a secret room when one popped the book out. We painted the scene in our “secret room” first- where we would place our hero (or something that symbolized him/her). We used textured or print paper to make a collage. Our class layered the ripped or cut paper to depict our vision of our hero. On another side, we continued the setting and cut out a part to reveal the secret scene. Last, we glued covers and flattened it on the booklet. I had lots of fun and I would like to thank the artist who was teaching us, Mrs. Peg Gignoux!


2 thoughts on “Hero Project by Alex P.

  1. I love how your visual says so much without words. The perspective is striking. It shows depth, contrast, and I think anyone who looks at it can connect with the image in some way. You are very talented, Alex.

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