My Hero Book By Miriam D.

Picture Taken By Patti D. At the Frank Gallery on Fraklin Street.

In Language Arts, we all had to choose a person who we thought to be our hero. A hero is a person who has influenced your life a lot and who you admire. I chose my First Grade teacher Mrs. Suggs. Artist, Peg Gignoux, came to our school and helped us make the books. First, we got a bunch of really cool stamps and made the paper that we were going to use to make our books. On the second day, we folded the our books. The rest of the days we spent decorating our books. On the inside, everyone did a special scene with their hero in it, and then we cut a portal through the paper in front of it, like we were looking through something onto the scene. And on the outside, we did another special scene.

We also wrote stories about our hero. It started with an introduction paragraph, then we did three paragraphs, each one described one of the traits that we think that our hero has. Then it ended with a paragraph about how much our hero has impacted our lives. My hero was extremely touched by it. And the best part is, they were all displayed at the Frank Gallery, an art gallery on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!!!

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4 thoughts on “My Hero Book By Miriam D.

  1. Your hero book was excellent! I know you spent a lot of time editing your story, and it changed a lot! The art work in it is really detailed.

  2. I especially liked your art work in your book. Very cute picture too! 😊

  3. Thanks!!! I liked yours too! I wish we had gotten to see each other at the gallery. 😄

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