“Talk To Your Teen” by Kay Y.

In the book cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk to Your Teen, in order to learn how to be a grown up. Here are some ideas I would add to the book.

Do you want to know more about your teen’s social life? Then you should make them feel comfortable talking about it. To make sure that your child feels comfortable let them go over to their friend’s houses often, and let them have their friends over. (A plus about having friends over constantly is it encourages your teen to keep their room cleaner than it might normally be.)

To get to know your teens social life you need to know their friends and how they interact with each other. Also, you want to make sure that you joke with them, but don’t try and act younger than you are or change your personality.

If you want your teen to open don’t tease them about something that they don’t want to be mentioned. But most importantly to get them to open up, make sure they have fun with you spontaneously. I often have the most fun spontaneously, for instance once my dad, my sister, and I got into a whipped cream fight, all of us had a lot of fun! I think the key for getting them to open up is making sure they have fun with you.

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