Assignment in the Giver by Neil M

The Giver opens up a world with a “perfect society.” There is no war, fear, pain or choices. Is that a good thing? People can’t even choose their job. They are assigned a job by the elders who carefully watch each individual. When kids are twelve there is the assignment ceremony. The elders who have seen your strengths, and weaknesses choose a job that they think you will be happy with.

I am twelve years old and would be chosen a job if I lived in the book. If I were give a job I would likely be a doctor. From day to day I enjoy helping others and enjoy the feeling of success. However, one quality that is extremely important to a doctor is being understanding. You have to understand that you can’t save every life. You have to understand that you tried your hardest to save that person. I think I have that quality too.

If I took this role in the book I would enjoy it but wouldn’t love it completely. In the book there are so many rules that make it a “perfect society.” What I began to realize is the so called “perfect society” actually has many problems. People in the book accept the rules but don’t truly like them. Would you like the life people lived in this book? There are no choices. You can’t choose what to wear, what to do, and when to it. There is no fear. You can’t enjoy anything because fear is what makes people different and sets people apart. There is no pain. You don’t know when you’re being hurt, and when to stop. There is no war. If you don’t like the way something is you can’t change it.


5 thoughts on “Assignment in the Giver by Neil M

  1. Wow that last paragraph sums up about every discussion I’ve had about the giver. I read it last year for LA and we had a ton of talks about it!

  2. David, I am interested in medical science because my dad is a doctor!

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