The Giver Assignment By: Shaffer W


During my language arts class, my class is reading a book called, The Giver. In this book, there is no war, fear, and pain. You would think this is a good thing but you have no choices as well. So when you are twelve years old, you have this ceremony and at that ceremony you’re assigned a job for the rest of your life until you retire. So if I were in this book, I think I would be assigned to police officer. I think I would be a good police officer because I am strong, fast, smart, and I am pretty good at aiming a gun.


5 thoughts on “The Giver Assignment By: Shaffer W

  1. You would be a great police officer or athlete! Do you actually want to be one?

  2. I think you would be great at law enforcement, but isn’t there no war/crime/violence, fear, or pain?

  3. Fred, if I had the opportunity to be one then I might take it. Jack, my father taught me how to shoot a gun and he learned how to shoot from his father.

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