The Giver Assignment by Sylvia






If everyone had to get an assignment, I might get a judge because you have to be smart, clever, and fair to be one. I think that I am pretty smart, clever, and fair. I also think it would be a pretty interesting job to get, especially if you like mysteries. Although I have no idea what my job will end up being. I knew I would have a hard time choosing what I should write for this, so I just went with the first thing that popped into my head that worked. If you really think about it, there are about 100 jobs that would fit you……Unless you aren’t good at anything, but everybody is good at something.


5 thoughts on “The Giver Assignment by Sylvia

  1. That’s really cool!!! I was going to do a judge, but I ended up doing something else!!! You would be a good and fair judge!

  2. @Sylvia, haha! That’s awesome! I really need to start getting better with these kinds of things. I am never able to think of interesting stuff like judge. Your post was interesting and cleverly written. I loved the last sentence! It good to bring humor into thoughtful posts like this one!

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