The Giver by Bella Kim

Drawing/picture by Anna West

In our Language Arts class, we have started reading the book “The Giver”. Each person who turns twelve in the community is assigned to a job by one of the Elders in the city. If I was assigned to a job, I would most want to be a owner of an ice cream company like Tutti Frutti or TCBY. It is one of the things I enjoy a lot, so it’s reasonable to own the company. Either that, or a famous designer like the ones who work for Lilly Pullitzer (who have the most amazing patterns). It would be great to see someone that passes by wearing a clothing that I designed and created.


3 thoughts on “The Giver by Bella Kim

  1. I remember on the first day you came to DA, the first thing you said was that you love chocolate ice cream from Cold Stone Ice Cream!! Haha! You would be a great ice cream shop owner!

  2. You would great at ice cream shop owner! I love the ice cream picture! Great post!

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