The Giver by: Lucy W.

In Language Arts class we are reading the book The Giver. In this book it is a perfect community, with no pain, no war and no choices. In this book each child is given an assignment at the age of twelve; this event is called the Ceremony of Twelve. I think my Assignment would be a Nurturer. I think I would be assigned to a nurturer because I love kids. I love to help them, play with them and help them learn. Little kids are so cute and I definitely show that quality in my daily life. I would definitely think the committee of elders would assign me to that job. I would be really happy if I got to be a Nurturer, but it would be sad to release a child if they are not doing well.

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5 thoughts on “The Giver by: Lucy W.

  1. That would be fun! It would work out really well because you’re super nice!

  2. Great picture, very artsy! I also thought I would be assigned a nurturer! That would be a perfect job for you.

  3. I think this would be a great assignment for you since your great with kids! I would also like this assignment. Great post!

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