My Assignment by Miriam D.

Picture taken by me, Miriam D.

In Language Arts class, we are reading a book called “The Giver.” It is about a society with no choices. When you are twelve, you be assigned to a permanent work position, where you will train until you are good enough to work in that position. People from the government observe you to see where your natural gift is, and they place you in the job that they think will be best for you. Even though there are no animals in this society, I think my job would be “Animal caregiver” or “nurturer,” like Jonas’s dad. I love all animals and am good at working with them. I also love little kids and they all seem to like me. I have already started looking after them, so I think this would be a good place for me.


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About Miriam

I play lacrosse, gymnastics and horse back riding. My favorite food is angel food cake. My favorite colors are purple and lime green and silver. My favorite books is THE HUNGER GAMES series!!!!!!!!! I absolutely ❤❤❤❤❤ taylor swift!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “My Assignment by Miriam D.

  1. I know, and I said even though there are no animals. But remember, Mrs. Donnelly said that it didn’t have to be a position mentioned in the book.

  2. Even though that Assignment really wouldn’t be in the book, it would be cool to work around animals and care for them! I also really love your picture! Is that your dog?

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