The Giver Assignment by Grace


In our Language Arts blue class we are reading The Giver and we learned that in their society, the elders choose what job they have when they turn twelve. The elders choose what job you will have by watching you in your free time, what they choose for you determines what you will be studying before you turn into a full adult. I think I would be a writer, because I really like to read and I would enjoy writing a book of my own. This job would be really fun to have!


4 thoughts on “The Giver Assignment by Grace

  1. I agree it would be fun to be a writer because you get to choose what you do and you don’t have to do exactly what your job suggests that you do. I bet you’d be a great writer!😃

  2. I think writing would be very fun. I think you would be a great writer Grace! 😄

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