The Giver by Jinger






If I had been assigned a job I think I would be a nurturer. I think I would be a nurturer because I like to help people and I also think I would be a fun job to play. In The Giver there are only so many jobs you could do in a “perfect community.” Jonas’s dad was assigned that job by the elders. The elders assign jobs that they think would fit you. I think a nurturer would be very helpful for the community and could use more.


2 thoughts on “The Giver by Jinger

  1. You would make a GREAT nurturer. You are so caring, and nice to everyone.

  2. Ya, I agree with Ellie. You would bring a great personality into the nurturing building! You are always so caring and thoughtful. You’d be great at that! The more I comment on these, I realize that my assignment that I picked was just same old same compared to these thoughtful, intriguing jobs. I guess I need to start thinking harder about what I have the possibilities to be! Your post was great!

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