What Would My Assignment Be? By Michael S


In Language Arts we are currently reading the book The Giver. In this book their are different ceremonies for every age. At age twelve you get an assignment which is going to be your career for the rest of your life. This is given to you by the government and you don’t just get a job the government looks at your records. I think I would be assigned to be a professional basketball player because I have been playing for a long time. I play travel, rec, and at school. I would be the best in the town and representative. My whole family would be proud of me and I would donate money to the town. They would make a statue of me in the middle of the city.

5 thoughts on “What Would My Assignment Be? By Michael S

  1. I am pretty sure that money doesn’t exist in the community because it goes against the point of equality. Basketball is a cool job though.

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