Community Service #2 By Joanna

For community service this time, we went to Hope Valley Elementary to help out with the classes. My friend Kristina and I were assigned to Kindergarten kids. First, we were told to play with the Kindergartners for their recess. They almost immediately idolized us and would do whatever we said and follow us wherever we went. Then, we went back inside with them and we went to their cafeteria. This was slightly awkward because neither of us have been in a cafeteria for over three years, but soon we kind of got where to sit. Then, we went back to the classroom with about five Kindergarteners hanging on to each hand. When we got to the classroom, we played math games with them. Then they learned even and odd numbers. Finally, we had to leave. All of the kids wanted us to come back tomorrow. We told them that we would talk to our advisor about coming back again some time. Our community service was very, very cute.


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