Community Service at The Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Shop by: Kay Y.

Photo done in SketchBookX

On May 8th my school went and did community service for half a day. Each advisory did a different community service project. My advisory went to The Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Shop to volunteer. We organized clothes by size and color so it was easier to find exactly what you were looking for. I did that for a while but later I was switched to discount marking baby clothes. My friend and I had to take the tags off of the clothes and then draw a red X on the tags inside of the clothes. My friend couldn’t get the tags off the clothes and they didn’t give us scissors to take the tags off, so I had to switch with her. We were able to discount a lot of clothes, and helped a lot. It was fun, but my hands really hurt afterwards because of ripping all of the tags off. Helping out at the thrift shop really made a lot of the kids in my advisory realize how fortunate we are!


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