Community Service by Jinger

At Durham academy we got to do community service outside of school. This was our second community service we have done. My advisory went to Hope Valley Elementary School about two minutes away from here. We each broke up into groups to go into different grades. I went with two people to first grade to help out. I really enjoyed going there. At first I was a little nervous on what to do but once I got it it was really fun. We helped them with math and Language Arts. They were so cute and smart. Their personalities were just so beautiful they were super kind and approached us coming there. I enjoyed it because I got the experience of going to another school outside of Durham Academy and seeing how their school worked. When we were done I got to hear about the rest of my advisories experiences. Each of them had a different story to tell. At the end all of the little first graders gave us hugs and said goodbye. I really liked this community service and hope to do it again!

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