Community Service by: Lucy W.

Photo drawn by me

At our school we did community service with our advisories. My advisory went strawberry picking for the Ronald McDonald house. When we got the strawberry fields we each got a cardboard box and went straight to the fields. We ended up picking lots of strawberries.When we were done picking strawberries we played with some adorable little dogs that were at the fields. Then we left the strawberry fields and went to the Ronald McDonald House, which is a house for families with sick children who need to be treated.

The Ronald McDonald house was so grateful. They loved strawberries there. A woman have us a tour around the house where we saw the playroom, learning center and meeting room. When we were at the learning center, a child who was getting treatment wanted to dance for us. His teacher turned on Michael Jackson and he started dancing. He was so cute and looked very happy to have an audience. This made me think of how I wanted to volunteer there someday to help children who are sick.

This community service showed me that I can make a difference by doing things as simple as picking strawberries, or giving a child who is an audience to watch him dance. This was the best community service I have ever done.


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