Community Service By: Sam G.






A few days ago all 6th Grade students and advisors went to to serve our community of North Carolina. My Advisory went to a place in Carboro called TABLE. TABLE is a place where people all over the world bring in food for kids in Carboro schools that don’t have enough food to eat over the weekend.

TABLE has a great staff and they explained everything to our advisory when we went inside. First, we weighed the food and did a lot of math in doing so, then we checked the expiration dates on the items and put food that was not expired in one pile and expired in the other pile. Then we put all the foods onto a yellow cart and put the foods into bins by the shelves. The total amount of food weighed was 260.5 pounds! My experience was a great one knowing that I am helping people by bringing in food and organizing it, but the best part was doing it with staff and my good friends.


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