Community Service By: Shaffer W






Photo by Mrs. D

At my school, we did community service and it means that we go to places and help other people with stuff that they need help with. For my class, we went to an organization called, TABLE. it is an organization where we give food to people who don’t have food to eat. When we first got there, we unloaded the food from the cars and out them on the table, then we wrote dates on all the food to make sure no food was expired. Then, we put the foods in the section where they belonged. After that, a couple of students and I volunteered to sweep the porch and make it nice and neat. When we finished, the lady who was there and told us what to do showed us a picture of the children that came to TABLE to eat food, they actually looked very hungry but thankful. I think this was a great experience for me because now I know how lucky I am to have all the food that I have. I felt very good taking the food to TABLE because it makes me feel really good about myself when I help other people.

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