The Ideal Teacher by Grace

In Mrs. Donnelly’s Language Arts class we are reading a book called “The Giver”, and everything in that book is about the ideal community. Mrs. Donnelly gave us the assignment to think about what an ideal teacher would be like. I think an ideal teacher would not be too strict, but they can’t be too easy going either. An ideal teacher would give you some assignments, but not pile you with homework every night. I think an ideal teacher would also know how to approach different ways of teaching so that the students can learn more. An ideal teacher should also give rewards to help encourage students in learning and expanding their knowledge. That is what I think an ideal teacher would be like.


2 thoughts on “The Ideal Teacher by Grace

  1. Love your comment about the different teaching styles! I am studying that in some of my classes at UNCG!
    -Nicole Donnelly

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