The Ideal Teacher by: Lucy W.


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In Language Arts class we are reading the book “The Giver.” In “The Giver” their is an ideal society, everything is perfect, no choices, and everything is the same. An ideal teacher would be kind. He or she would not be too strict and let us play some games in class from time to time. The ideal teacher would rarely give any homework, I would hope, and they would not clutter us with to many projects. The ideal teacher would be organized, she would have all of our tests, homework, and projects grades all ready to be handed back. The ideal teacher would give us some extra credit, so we could raise a bad grade or let us have some candy from time to time. Also, the ideal teacher would give us some homework passes, of course we would have to earn them, but on a busy night it would be nice to use a pass so we wouldn’t get in trouble. The ideal teacher would also be fair, and nice. That is the key to a teacher, if they are very nice to you you don’t feel like you did something wrong, but if a teacher is mean to you it puts you down and makes you sad. These are just some of my ideas about the ideal teacher. In your opinion what would you think an ideal teacher would be like?


6 thoughts on “The Ideal Teacher by: Lucy W.

  1. Great job Luc! I totally agree with your ideas of an ideal teacher, this would be a great teacher!

  2. Great post! I think those are great qualities an ideal teacher should have.

  3. Such a great picture!! I wish teachers wouldn’t clutter with unneccesary work either so that was a very good point.
    -Nicole Donnelly

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