The Ideal Teacher by Michiko

In Mrs. Donnelly’s language arts we are reading a book called The Giver. It is about an ideal society. I think an ideal teacher would have to be strict but at the same time nice and kind to you. I think an ideal teacher would not just get mad at you for no reason, I think that they should be supportive and patient. At the same time, if they were only nice to you you may not learn much so I think that they should be sort of strict with your work but encouraging if you do a good job. Also, I think if teachers give out treats like candy when you do something good, I think it would encourage you to do better because if you do you can get something you want. That is what I think an ideal teacher should be like.


2 thoughts on “The Ideal Teacher by Michiko

  1. This is a great blog post! I have a similar one, I totally agree that a teacher should be somewhat strict, and that you should get a reward to motivate you to do something or get a reward for accomplishing something.

  2. That’s really good. I agree that an ideal teacher would be a little strict and firm but also nice to you.

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